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Australian scientists find proof that stress makes you sick

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    Australian scientists find proof that stress makes you sick

    Australian scientists find proof that stress makes you sick

    Dec 04 7:12 PM US/Eastern

    Australian researchers said they had scientifically proven a long-suspected link between emotional stress and illnesses ranging from the common cold to cancer. The group from Sydney's Garvan Institute found that a hormone released into the body during times of stress, neuropeptide Y (NPY), undermined the body's immune system and literally made you sick.

    "Until now there has mostly been circumstantial evidence of a link between the brain and the immune system, but now we have that connection," said the institute's Fabienne Mackay.

    "During periods of stress, nerves release a lot of NPY and it gets into the bloodstream, where it inhibits the cells in the immune system that look out for and destroy pathogens in the body," she said.

    "That stress makes you sick is no longer a myth, it is a reality and we need to take it seriously."

    The group's findings were published in Monday's edition of the Journal of Experimental Medicine and the researchers said they hoped their work would lead to new kinds of therapeutic intervention.

    Herbert Herzog, another of the scientists, said neuropeptide Y had been known to affect blood pressure and heart rates, but discovering its impact on the immune system opened up new doors for tackling some illnesses.

    "That makes you more vulnerable when you for example have a cold or flu and even in the more serious situations such as cancer can be enhanced in these situations," he said on ABC radio.

    Other illnesses with a link to stress include rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Crohn's disease, type 1 diabetes and lupus, the researchers said. Mackay stressed that it would take years to develop drugs to counter the affects of NPY and that the best short-term solution for people was to combat their stress. "The best thing to do is to remove stress from our lives just by reorganising the way we live, changing our lifestyle and using things like yoga and relaxation to the best of our ability," she said.

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    We known that for centuries,but do you really know whats going on chemically for why LOL.

    Easily explained
    stress causes imbalances in the hypothalmus- adrenal axis and this is where 70-80% of diseases orginated from. IE chronic fatigue syndrome to cancer. TRust me i know what stress can do even though it was not the emotional part that started it but rather the phyiscal part from an intestinal infection that nearly killed me and then let to mental stress.

    Disease of 21st century ADRENAL FATIGUE is what this article is refering too, but medical drs will not recognize it becuase it in the gray area, so they stick you on paxil and say its all in your head FUCK THAT !!


    Stress leads to inflammatory response (any where in your body, if it is intestines then you are really fucked) body activates the adrenals and over time they get exhausted then your thyroid is back up then that goes down, then testosterone drops, Now here comes the fun part. Stress lowers your glutemine levels which then are needed to fuel your intestinal tract. When your glutemine levels run low the villi on your digestive tract shrink. You ask what does this mean. Well your absorption rate which was that of football field is now that of a ping pong table so you suffer severe mineral deficiency (protein, carbs, fat) This may be a response when your body is stressed is to eat more because of preventing into going into a catabolic state (remember your body is your guide). Oh it even gets better. Once glutemine is depleted your immune system basically crashes and then you become vulnerable to food allergies which cause even more irriatation. Once the intestinal wall is compromised it leaks into a condition known as leaky gut which means the endo toxins produced by your own bodies break down in food now go out into the blood stream and goto your liver where it over loads it and causes major congestion resulting in further hormone suppression. So basically by eating carbs with a leaky gut you can end up like being drunk all day long because the end product of carbhydrates is wood grain alcohol. So over time you end up with liver of an alcoholic by not even drinking alcohol
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