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    Lower Back Pain

    I don't know how I did it, but I think somethings wrong with it. I think my form with squatting and deadlifts are pretty good, but I have been going heavy lately. It's a weird thing to describe. If I just sit around normally I feel fine, but I had legs today and when I was squatting I definitely felt it. It's not like a pain, it's more like a tenderness that's at the lowest part of my back. It's right above my tailbone really. If i were to run or bend over it feels tender, has anyone had something like this before, any help?

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    yea, it is lower back pain, if it feels like the muscles then it might be tight from dl and squats.. Mine gets like that. But if you think it might be injured then get it checked out. Mine usually stays tight for 1-2 days then subsides. sometimes bothers me when i drive for a while. stretch hamstrings and lowerback. might help.
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    Yes, stretching is a huge factor when it comes to injuries. If everyone stretched well post-workout (or pre-workout if appropriate), injuries would probably be cut in half. Think about it: you're sore one day, but you decide to still work out. During that workout, you decide to stick with the same high weights, but your form suffers because you're sore. So, you get a huge injury. You probably could've avoided the soreness/tightness if you had been more flexible through stretching. It's so simple and easy, yet I think most people don't even bother with it.
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    I have been sore before from deads and squats, it seems different, not like a tenderness to the touch, just from when i bend and move different ways.

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    couldn't hurt to see a chiro that specializes in ART.
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    Thats how my pain started just a soreness about 2-3 inches above the tailbone, now here I am going to therapy 3 times a week, stay focused on it for a while and make sure it's not getting worse.
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    You go the Therapy for that back pain now? It got worse?

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