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Thread: Soreness

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    Hey guys, I just had a question for ya'll. Is there anything I can do that will help me become less sore? I know stretching and drinking more water and all of that helps but I'm wondering if ya'll have any trade secrets that I don't know about. Thanks


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    Me ive been lifting for over 15 years and i love it. Soreness is awlsome but sometimes you come to a point where its a little too much. So i do the following things:

    1- at leat 8 hours of sleep
    2- make sure all of my nutrtional values or requierments are met
    3- i take hmb,zma and l-glutamine (some people dislike these but i love them)
    4- i RICE an individaul spot sometimes
    5-take a hot shower then at the end change it to kinda cold but not to cold (hot tubs are nice too after a long day)
    6-good stretching, what do you do
    7-if its a joint problem then you can take glucosamine

    if you want a more precise opinion give me your percise problem spot(s)

    good luck and remember everyone is different so expieriment

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    Active recovery works well. That is, using an exercise that significantly involves the muscle in question, performing it at 30-40% of your 1RM, and avoiding fatigue. Just do enough to get the blood flowing. Light jogging works pretty well for most everything.

    Check out this article for more ideas too:
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    Thanks alot guys, thats exactly what I needed. I hope this benifits someone else as well.


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