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side effects. how bad are they?

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    side effects. how bad are they?

    we all know that AAS can cause side effects imo if abused. if used in a sensebile manner has anyone really ever had sever side effects that u know for sure AAS caused ? of the 14 cycles ive ran the only sides i know of that ive had( and i dont consider them sever) were limp dick from deca by itself. and increased liver values from 50mg ED of d-bol for 10 weeks and a little fina cough from a home brew batch mixed a little strong. but again i was told by several people that this could this could be classifed as abuse i guess. but i like to use myself as a lab rat and see if it could happen to if some of u guys that have been at this awhile dont mind please lay out some side effects you've had and we'll try to determine if they were caused by USE or ABUSE.

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    I will see in about 10-20 years if their are any. So far so good.
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