Hey guys.

I've bought my first set of weight gain/muscle gain powder (from the looks of things it's a protein/carb heavy powder, don't know if this is normal or what ), but i've got a question about it.

On the tub it says for a Weight-gain diet, take 2x servings per day, no time specified. Although for a Muscle-gain diet, it specifies to take 1 serving about an hour before training, and another after training.

Now my question is (as ideally i'm trying to both gain weight and muscle mass), is do i stick solidly to one of the two options, say taking 2x servings, one in the morning, one in the evening (i.e weight-gain diet?) everyday, or only on non-training days, and taking one serving before and after training on training days?.

It's called Body Fortress; Muscle and Weight Gainer, if that's any help. Unsure whether it will be as i'm posting from overseas

Thanks in advance