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Looking to learn more....

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    Looking to learn more....


    Im lookin to read good content, factual information on training, eating and supplementation. I would like best to have a good discussion with someone who is very expereinced in all the feilds, someone who knows what they are talkin about. I cant go up and ask the biggest guy in the gym, which is what i would like to do.. and when I want to ask rhetorical quetions im flamed being called a "newb".

    So then I try and do a "search" and as far back as the pages go, I can only read so much without making it feel like im wasting my time. Each post I look at when I try and search to learn about "no explode" or any products or any thing I may have questions with (but am afraid of getting flamed and not having my questions answered) the post I now read, THAT person is getting flamed.

    It seems like a viscious cycle. Is there anyone out there, foreman rules, robert dimaggio, or that tough guy or anyone that claims they have all the "information" and knowledge, that is factual, that wants to share?

    Im not lookin for easy ways to get big, im lookin for things to avoid learning the hard way. Ive been in the gym for years, and I want to really stop wasting my time. Ive dropped 30 lbs, now i wana cut a bit more then bulk up, get to a really nice size. Im not lookin for "the magical protein" but if im gunna buy a protein, what one should i buy, stick with and never ask about it again. If i wanna cut, what things to avoid, and stop asking.

    I basically want to stop asking questions. Ive read books, write ups, done so much research, and then when i come on here, all the immature people who claim to have all the answers, haggle the people with the questions, flame the posters, and i feel like im back at square one.

    Is there anyone out there, that just loves the sport for what it is, loves talking about it, maybe wants to share some decent, unbiased information?

    Things I want info on:
    -whey iso/concentrate
    -cycles / juice
    -muscle replenisment
    -proper use of supplements/supplementation
    -glucosamine / misc vitamins

    anything in the sport, if my head is where its supposed to be at, goal setting whatever it may be, or is there a site where people are not judgmental, or like discussing things?

    I understand all trades, sports are alike, when a newb comes in he has to proove himself from other newbs, the rookie cop, the new player on the team, has to proove himself worthy.

    Im not lookin to be the new guy, im not lookin to show off, im lookin to get some info that will help me be on my way, and not get thrown attitude by someone who feels confident behind a computer , purposly diminishing peoples results.

    if anyone wants to talk or throw me pointers , and has msn or can throw back emails, add or email me:

    PS my basic point was to show how unmotivating it is to post, (as searching doesnt help due to huge history of flaming), the people here posting pesimistic flaming threads are hurting the site , in my opinion.

    PSS why does everyone hate on muscletech products? (not that i like em, but ive noticed alot of flaming towards muscletech)

    Thank you, Dennis.

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    dude, you need to post specific questions, not write us a book!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert DiMaggio
    dude, you need to post specific questions, not write us a book!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert DiMaggio
    dude, you need to post specific questions, not write us a book!
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