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3rd person accounts and legal issues

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    3rd person accounts and legal issues

    Well, I'm clean but some of the accounts of examples I post refer to gym rats who aren't. I never list names just examples.

    I have no intention about going on cycle but I am still fascinated with the subject of steroids, so I post here. Of couse these things are illegal, should I be concerned about using my personal email and real name on this forum whenever discussing this topic?

    Should I get a separate email and use another name to talk about third person accounts?

    I can't controll what I see and hear at the gym because it's obvious whenever someone gains 30lbs in one month and then looses half of it in 3 weeks in the form of a greek god. After reading up on the subj. I can almost tell what the lifter was taking without ever asking.
    What should I do?
    later dudes

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    Depends what you are talking about in the E-mails.
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    As long as you aren't doing anything illegal, you have nothing to worry about legally. It doesn't hurt to have an encrypted email account from www.hushmail.com or www.cyber-rights.net. You should always be careful with whom you share personal info, such as your real name, online.
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    Too late for precautions now, im already hiding behind your couch

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