Green bulge/white blood stack

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    Green bulge/white blood stack

    Iv been on it for a week now and I have to say that I love the results. I dont feel the pump from white blood but i do notice my muscles look more "full" they have a "volumized" look. I gained around 3 lbs this week and my strength has deff gone up. i would recommend this stack to anyone

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    thats cute
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    But, I've been with girls that had saggy chests and boring butts and they still had no personality. Those girls are usually really bitter. I think they realize they are useless.

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    ill take u to the candy shop. let u lick my ......what???

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    cheers for keeping us posted, i have a few bottles of each to check out shortly (along with their blue up), glad to hear things are going well so far

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    gracias. o yea my vains are much more noticable now

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