Does lack of sleep affect workout that much??

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    Does lack of sleep affect workout that much??

    Today was my push day:

    Bench Press
    Overhead Press
    Decline Press
    DB Overhead press
    Lateral raises
    Overhead extensions

    I noticed that this week, after I got to the decline press, I could not do as much weight as I normally am able to do. Now, I only got 5 hours of sleep the night before, but during school, I usually get that much and make up for it with a nap. Today, I worked from 8-5, and was really tired and bored at work, and my eyes felt heavy at the gym. But do you all agree that lack of sleep can may have had a significant role in my workout?

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    Could be any number of things - including lack of sleep. Could be diet related...could be overtraining related...could be purely could be coming down with something.

    I can usually gauge how my workout is going to turn out based on my warm up - like me last week...i've got the flu, which i didn't realise at the time, and attempted to do my usual workout, things weren't going according to plan and i was exhausted during my warm up before I had even started anything. Went to the doc and he said I had a 20-25% reduction in my lung capacity due to the flu. I've gotten progressively worse as the week went on and I ended up flat on my back in bed the past few days with nothing better to do than make useless comments in the forum
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    I thought we just had a post on this yesterday or the day before. But anyhow, for me ABSOLUTELY.

    One night I might go in and hit 130x3-4 on the inclines, not feeling totally wiped out but not in my zone. Tonight I hit 130x6 and my last rep was not balls out impossible. I NEED my sleep and it does affect me, no question at all.

    Naps for me if used at all must remain short, 30 minutes. If I enter REM it destroys my night sleep at least peartially and it becomes a downward spiral through the week. If I'm really tired I will either intentionally go to the gym and do a crap workout knowing I can't go all out without it creating a bigger problem, or I will just wait another day and go to bed an hour early. Depends on several factors.

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    Well, the pattern I noticed was that gradually, after the first two exercises, my performance was gradually declining. And I don't recall ever nearly dosing off in the gym, and my diet was the same as it usually is during the day, and I think going to work for 9 hours played a big role as well in fatigue.

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    I know that lack of sleep definitely makes me fatigue alot sooner then normal when i'm at the gym. Especially when i go in the mornings.

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