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Spring Cutting Combo - ATW

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    Talking Spring Cutting Combo - ATW

    Spring Cutting Combo Sale

    Okay - it is a little different!!!!! I have for sale an interesting combination package - HERE IT IS:

    30 lbs of product for 245.00 WITH FLAT SHIP RATE

    Hydrolized Whey Protein * Milk Protein Isolate * Calcium Caseinate

    ANY COMBINATION OF AMOUNTS - you can get 10 lbs of each or 15 of one an 7 of another and 8......get it?

    Okay - this is no website sale now. I am only offering to my serious BB friends. If you want this deal - Email me at wheystation@aol.com with your flavor/amount selection and I will invoice you on Sunday evening and your order will be shipped on MONDAY!!!!!!!

    I have to get the order emails by Sunday to get this price, though.

    Any questions, comments just ask.

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    Sale above ends tonight!!!!!! I can even HALF it in price and pounds for the financially challenged. Just email me at wheystation@aol.com and I can GUARENTEE shipping within 24 hours on this one.


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