Yesterday -

warm up

back squat -
1x10 45, 115, 155, 195, 225 (no nerve sensation/pain on any reps. first time this has happened since squatting again post-injury)

deadlift -
1x5 45, 115, 155, 195, 225, 245 (no nerve sensation/pain on any reps)

plank -
5x20 seconds (2/10 nerve pain starting 2nd set. I started from a flexed lumbar position and lowered myself into the plank, this is what triggered the pain. So all following sets I started from an extended lumbar position (belly on floor) and rose up into neutral plank position, no pain at all)

side plank -
5x20 seconds each side (no nerve pain on any sets)

standing sciatic nerve flossing - 5x10 reps on right side (slight localized pinching sensation around SI joint on about 1/4 of all reps. doesn't feel like nerve pain)

hip mobility
shoulder mobility
t-spine mobility

Best session back squatting and deadlifting since injury, and heaviest session, too. Felt some lateral lower leg heaviness that ranged between 1-4/10, but only sometimes between sets. No numbness or tingling in any part of lower extremity duration of workout.

Definitely making progress. Nerve pain tends to be worst when getting out of bed, and first 5 minutes or so moving around. I do my rehab stretches daily, take multiple short walks daily, and avoid lumbar flexion pain triggers. I also stand for about 3 hours of each work day. Also use lumbar support pillow when sitting. All this adds up to make a difference.