Christian Bale in American Psycho

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    Steroids, obviously. That T-Nation article is bullshit, especially the bit claiming that female bodybuilder is natural. Purrlease.

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    The other thing that you have to consider is that in the end he wasn't really that big. He went from a totally emaciated state to having a decent physique. That emaciated state was not natural for him. So, his body was able to pack on muscle incredibly fast when given the proper food, training, and drugs. Not to mention that he's preparing for a role that's paying out the ass. He could devote all his time to training, recovery, and nutrition.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PWGriffin
    Do you KNOW how much weight he gained for batman?? I know he was close to 215 for batman was was under like 125-130 for the machinist....That kind of weight gain in that short an amount of time can only be achieved with super supplementation. If he had like 4 years to put on 80lbs MAYBE. If people could put on weight like that naturally then who would use steroids??
    If your natural weight is 205, and you take several months to get down to 130, it would not take that much effort to get back to your natural weight. Then you put on 10 lbs of muscle.

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