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Am I On The Right Track?

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    Am I On The Right Track?


    I have consistantly been doing Body For Life for a week and a half. I have measured myself and I have not lost any fat yet (that I know of anyway). I have lost 5 lbs of waterweight though.
    I just want to know if I am on the right track? Is it normal not to lose inches withing the first 2 or 3 weeks? Do I need to be patient?

    Thanks!!! ;o)

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    Takes me about 3 weeks or more to see any real changes on a normal diet.
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    Usually 2 weeks or more is the time it takes for results to manifest themselves, but it largely depends on other factors like diet, overall activity levels, etc. Just keep monitoring your progress. If you notice no more difference after another couple of weeks, then something is probably wrong.
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