Does Soy Have Estrogen In It ?????

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    Question Does Soy Have Estrogen In It ?????

    Well does anyone know if soy has estrogen in it. I have been drinking it with evry meal. Hey maybe that is why my husband says i have become so bitchy. That would explain alot.LOL but on a more serious note if it does have estrogen in it i am in trouble because my body is super hormone sensitive.

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    No, but it has phytoestrogenic compounds. Structurally similar to oestrogen but weaker.

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    So is it really that good for you?

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    that is what i am looking to find out. because my body is so hormone sensitive should i really be drinking soy with every meal. Or should i cut it out of my diet completely. What about the good advantages of soy? don't they out weigh the bad.

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    Well i would not give it to my husband to drink, especially if he is trying to accumulate muscle. but for a woman is it really that great for me. Since i started drinking 750ml/day of organic soy i have been quite bitchy, maybe i am naive but could this be why.

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    i say cut it out entirely but that's MO.
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