How is my progress on my last 2 months of bulking?

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    How is my progress on my last 2 months of bulking?

    I've been bulking for 3 months now.
    First off I started at 124lbs 5ft11in tall.
    The first month I gained 12 pounds and weighed at 136lbs. That was on a 2500 calorie diet.I posted it and I was told that was too much weight so i cut back my calories to 2000 calories a day. Here is my results in the last 2 months...
    I put 2 1/2 cm on my arms(Thank you pullups and CG bench press)
    1/2 cm on my forearms
    1 inch on my chest
    1/2 inch on my thigh(was expecting more)
    1/2 inch on my calf (really shocked on this because my calf size was the same size for a while and wouldn't grow)
    My shoulders have gotten thicker and larger.
    My back has gotten more muscular and definition.
    I put a 1/2 inch on my waist(Is that too much in 2 months?)
    I went from 136lbs to 142lbs in the last 2 months.Again that is on a 2,000 calorie diet.I always thought I was a hard gainer. I guess not?

    Now for my strength gains...
    My bench press goes up 10-15 lbs a month(usually 2.5 pounds increase a week and sometimes a 5 lb increase)

    Dumbell Incline press goes up 10-15lbs a month.

    Seated dumbell military press went up 20 lbs in little over 2 months.

    cable rows went up 20 lbs in 2 months.

    Squats and dead lifts have went up 15 lbs a month.

    I do 3 sets per excercise with 1 set in the 8-10 rep range and the other 2 sets 6 reps.

    BTW the only supplement I take is whey protein.

    How is my progress doing?
    When do you think I will hit a plateau on my strength gains?
    I have only been training for 3 months.

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    Try to use one system of measurement not two when you are describing your gains.
    I highly recommend all IronMagLabs supplements!

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