custom protein blend idea

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    custom protein blend idea

    I bought 5 lbs of ON 100% whey and 4 lbs ON 100% casein, totaling 9lbs. I also bought l-glutamine and now I am going to put all 3 in a giant tub and mix it all up and put 3lbs each in diffrent tubs. Which will make it 55% whey, 45% casein and extra +5-6g of glutamine per serving. What do you guys think of this? I was aiming for a cheaper way to obtain a good balance between the two proteins. Something similiar to Cytosport Evopro, just cheaper. I currently use evopro, used to use muscle milk but its just too much!

    Is this effective at all? or is this just too ghetto?

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    It is what it is.
    You could just keep them seperate and get the amount of each one you want whenever.

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    i just say u put all 3in a bag and put them in the shake one at a time, when u mix it urself (the 3 blends) it might not mix as well as u'd like it to.

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    thats as ghetto as kefe's "tin" walls in his weight room

    (if uv seen his bench pressing video ull know what i mean)

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    Save the whey for day and the casein for nighttime. You want digesting NOW after a workout (hence an insulin spike), not later, and casein is slow.

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    I would followup on Pipboys comment and suggest you add a little vegetable or rice bran protein to dilute the insulinogenic punch of casein protein drink at night.

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