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    Talking Gaining Mass


    I heard if you want to gain mass, you should eat between 16 - 20x (in calories) your body weight (in pounds).

    For example, if I weighed 150lbs, I'd eat 2700 calories (40/30/30) split probably to gain weight right?

    Excluding all the supplements etc.


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    Gaining mass depends on a lot of factors. I'm going to assume you mean muscle mass.

    1. Eat clean. Make sure you get the right balance of protein, carbs, and fat. You metabolic rate and size will determine how much you need to eat. You need to keep a journal of what you eat and estimate you gains. You will eventually find out what works for you. Also, I like the 6 meal a day thing with smaller portions per meal.

    2. Weightlift for Muscle Gain. From what I've read you should increase reps (8-12 range) for whatever you can lift. You must try to lift with the burn until you can't stand it anymore. Of course this doesn't work for everyone. Right now, I'm doing a pyramid scheme until I get no more gains, then I'll change it later.

    3. Cardio is good, but it may make mass gain more difficult.

    That's all I know to suggest. Hope it helps.

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    6 to 10 reps is as good as 8 to 12, it doesn't matter.

    What matters is that you start with something, say 6 reps, so that rep # 7 is just about impossible. Then do three sets, then give the muscle(s) a few days to recover, then do it again. Each session try to add that extra rep. and eventually you get to the top, whether its 10 or 12 reps. doesn't much matter. Hold that top number for a couple of sessions to be sure you really have it.

    Then add enough weight to knock you back to the low rep number. And start all over again.

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    Your calorie calculation looks right, keep your diet clean and a good workout routine will mean a good amount of your mass gains will be lean mass and not so much fat.

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    Yep, my diet is very clean actually.

    6 meals a day, 3 of those are supplements (2 myoplex's and the last meal before bed is a scoop of precision protein).

    The other 3 meals are:

    5oz chicken with 1 cup brown rice or
    1 Can Tuna (in water) + 1 cup mixed vegetables or Tuna with brown rice or chicken with mixed vegetables. They are interchangeable.

    I'm also taking vitamin c 3 times a day + 1 multi vitamin, phosphagen hp, glutamine, flaxseed oil and vanadyl sulphate.

    I'm on day 3 of my 12 week program.



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