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need help, lunch at school?!?!?

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    need help, lunch at school?!?!?

    ok this i what i usualy eat at school:

    snack: 3 2-oz chicken breasts, brown rice, brocoli, fish oil, one walnut

    lunch: fat turkey sandwich, greens/veggies, 4 walnuts

    I want to start eating an alternative to the sandwich... what can i do??? HELP

    -i dont want to do the chicken breasts because i already have them 2 times a day.
    -i also want something that im goan eat everyday, so tuny is a no-no because of the mercury stuff.
    -IMO lean ground beef is kinda pricey...but if that is only alternative i can do that....

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    how about some sweet potatoes? some sort of vege or green salad? as for protein sources- cottage cheese, how about warmed up grilled fish like tilapia. extra lean ground turkey is really good, mix it with brown rice or ww pasta, veges and tomato sauce.
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