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    Las Vegas?

    I just returned from five days in Las Vegas. I go every year and it seems that the city is getting worse. I was taken back by how dirty the city is becoming. There is trash everywhere. From the time you come in on the freeway all you see is garbage. I get off of the strip as much as possible but even places like Henderson/Green Valley is becoming a pit! The homeless people and the vagrants are a menace as well. They are in the middle of the street begging and stopping traffic.
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    It was the fastest growing city for over a decade. That's the problem. I lived there for two years and saw the changes.

    Bring back the good ol' days when the mob ran Vegas. Aside from the protection rackets, and the occasional beatings, crime was non-existent. The mob wanted people to come so they'd put the hurt down on anyone who harmed a visitor (unless it was them). There were no petty crimes like muggings and there sure as hell weren't any beggars.

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    What happens in Vegas stays there, thank God

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    I agree with DOMS.

    It's the growth.

    Also, the losers from L.A.

    It's gotten too big.

    Happens almost everywhere. People sh*t in their own nest, then leave to some other growing, nice place....

    Then the cycle start all over again.

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