How to perform a reverse 180

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    How to perform a reverse 180

    I laughed my ass off.

    It's called a "Rockfard" I believe. Simply get going in reverse, and crank the wheel. Sometimes the handbrake is necessary to keep the rear-end in place while the front whips around. In any event car stunts on the street aren't cool Actually, it's called a J-turn.
    Umm reverse go, turn the wheel which ever way you want it (need to be a hard turn) while its in the turn put the car in neutral and when it start facing the front put it in gear and accelerate.
    go reverse full speed,
    *IMPORTANT step OFF the gas pedal real quickly like its hot
    (this effectively takes the weight off the front of the car)
    cut the wheel to the left or right.

    This should make the front of the car swing around in a nice arc.

    Shift into first real quick and proceed.

    If you don't step off the gas pedal, you'll probably just veer off somewhere like an understeer.These are all part right. First of all, this will do harm to your vehicle. If you didn't see what I said in the last "180 trick stunt thread" then here's a refresher:The same thing happens to your car when you start trying to Hollywood stuntman it. You won't get sand in your transmission from the ground, but your clutches will dissintegrate from the stress of jamming it to a hault (automatic) and your clutch will really hate the shit out of you if you have a manual transmission.

    When people do this either professionaly, or as a stunt in a movie, they're using a vehicle that has been purpose built for the abuse. This vehicle will look really cool on the big screen until about 10 seconds after they fade out of the explosion at the end of the car chase, at which point the stunt car will either be the one detonated, or it will be sent to the scrap yard and cut up anyway. Cars used at state fair stunt shows are generaly a dime a dozen at a junkyard, and if they survive the stunt show, they'll be entered in the demolition derby, or a figure 8 race. Either way, these vehicles you see people trashing out at the fair, or on the big screen are already written off as junk. If you do this in your car, you will start to destroy various parts in it one at a time, or in a catastrophic situation, all at once.

    A perfect example of this was my brothers 1982 Buick Electra, that was owned by an old lady who litteraly drove it to and from church every weekend, and to the corner market on tuesdays and thursdays. The vehicle had perfect paint, perfect interior, good strong running 304 (well, as strong as a 304 ever ran) and no mechanical problems whatsoever. He started doing brakestands with the car, because he could. Transmission vomited it's guts into the street one day while he was doing this, and I got to help him hoist a new 200-4R transmisison into that thing. A month later, he was powersliding it around a corner, and started to hear this ratcheting grinding sound... 2 days later, he shot a 4 inch chunk of his ring gear through the coverplate of the rear differential. About a month later, his brakes started acting really funny, so he took the car in, and had them looked at. Cost him a shitload of money to replace the heavily scored and warped rotors and brakedrums he had. He also had to replace 2 rims which were too bent to fix with tireweights in order to get his front alignment done. Somewhere in here, the engine developed a tick, which he passed off as being a loose rocker arm or 2. To me, it sounded like a burnt valve, or a pair of broken lifters.

    Now, with that out of the way, if you really really really want to do a 180 brake turn, the procedure is simple. Get going forward at approximately 20 to 30 MPH. hard crank the wheel to either the left or right, and grab the Ebrake. As the car spins around, release the brake, and hammer the gas pedal like it killed your dog, slept with your sister, and slapped your mom all at once. If you did it right, you will now be burning the living fuck out of your tires, and facing the way you came. As the tires regain traction, you will be launched towards where you just came, and be on your way.

    In theory at least.

    What will most likely happen is this.

    First shot, you'll chicken out on cranking the wheel hard enough, and won't get full rotation, then either pound the gas really hard and take off in an odd direction, or just sit there wondering why it didn't work.

    There may be a few repeats of the first shot.

    2nd or 5th or whatever attempt, you'll crank that wheel for what it's worth, get nearly full rotation, and miss the gas pedal, or not release the handle at the right point, and get frustrated.

    The next part is kind of a choose your own adventure type scenario.

    Next shot, you'll decide no more pussy shit, and get up a good head of steam, crank that wheel like a truckdriver who's been up for 36 hours due to the medical technology associated with doing lines of coke, and you'll learn something about your tires. They were not meant to do this, and as they fold over, you'll pray that the rim doesn't catch on a crack in the pavement, because if it does, you will go ass over teakettle for however long it takes to stop barrel rolling at 40 MPH.

    Next shot, you'll begin your powerslide, just as you spot the local police department shining a spotlight on you, or closing in with glowing red and blue gumballs. No matter what you say at this point, you will be getting a ticket, and if you're under 18 (21 in some states) you will also be losing your license for a few years. If you try to run, or they think you're trying to run, they will smash into your ride, and attempt to disable it, before dragging you out onto the ground, and aresting you with a billy club to your back, and a gun in your face.

    Next shot, you get flying really fast, and you get the car rotated properly. You release the brake at the proper time, and you nail the gas pedal. White smoke billows out from one of your rear tires ( perhaps both if you're truly a studmuffin) and you will begin to fishtail wildly and careen into something very solid, and very expensive. This solid thing may be a pole in the parkinglot/empty street you're sliding around in, it may be another car, it could be a $50 hooker, or it could be a chunk of K-wall/concrete barrier that does unspeakable damage to your car. Any way you try to look at it, you will also have to contend with the ticket/loss of license from the police officer that is dispatched to the site of an unknown vehicle crash, amongst a shitload of black skidmarks.

    You'll decide that's enough practice for one night, and drive your car home. You'll say good night to your mommy and daddy, come upstairs to your room, and log onto LWS where you will claim how you succeeded without smashing the shit out of your econobox Dodge Dynasty, and blast me for being a smarmy asshole who doesn't know shit about you, and your 280... I mean 340 HP Honda acc... I mean Nissan Skyline. I will of course take it with a grain of salt, ask to see the pictures and charts of your impressive Skyli... I mean Lamborghini, and never hear from you again.

    I wouldn't recommend doing braketurns in your car.That said and done, you will probably kill yourself, or your car when you try this. Also, this really doesn't work right in a Front wheel drive vehicle... something about the drive wheels and the steering wheels being on the same axle giving you too much control. Something like it can be done, but it's a lot harder, and doesn't look as cool.

    1. Put your car in reverse.
    2. Floor it like satan is going to eat your face off in a Fondu. (about 30 MPH)
    3. with your foot still firmly placed on the accelerator, give the steeringwheel a FULL CRANK in the direction of your choice.
    4. when the car reaches 50% rotation, pound the shifter from reverse to forward, and give the steeringwheel 2 FULL CRANKS in the oposite direction of your initial turn. (you may attempt to release the gas pedal momentarily, but you'll most likely fuck up your J-turn if you do)
    5. As the car reaches the 95% point, give the steering wheel 1 FULL CRANK back to the home position. you should now be going 30 MPH forward.

    At no point in this exersize do you let your foot off the gas pedal, or touch the hand brake.

    If you really want to get technical, you can add some realistic steps to this list...

    3a. listen to $20 worth of tread squeal off of your front tires.
    4a. that brief moment of Neutral, your engine may bounce off the rev-limiter before pounding the rear wheels into action.
    4b. Listen to $30 worth of rubber boil off of your rear tires, and another $15 worth of rubber tear off of your front tires in a different location.
    5a. you should smoke another $10 worth of rubber off of whichever rear tire is the dominant drive wheel.

    Other fun options that could end you day in the parkinglot include:
    -Flipping your car
    -blowing out your tires
    -getting arrested for wrecklessness and endangerment
    -hitting something solid
    -hitting a parked car
    -hitting a moving car
    -hitting someone not-solid.
    -high centering yourself on a curb/concrete parking bar
    -overheating your engine on atempt number 9
    -launching your transmission into the ground.
    -breaking your engine and transmission mounts
    -Shooting the reverse sprag out of the transmission case
    -destroying the reverse Band/clutchpack/sungear\
    -score the reverse drum
    -break the 1st clutchpack planetary gear assembly
    -shooting pieces of your transmissions hydraulic pump into the torque converter
    -boiling your ATF
    -Get to call your mom, and tell her what you did to your dad's car.

    For the brave souls who have a manual transmission, I hope you love the smell of burning clutch, and really want to see what your reverse idle shaft looks like, and I really hope you don't mind driving without synchro's... you will destroy the 1st gear synchro when you jam it into gear with the transmission guts spinning that fast in reverse, and the input shaft effectively spinning twice as fast.

    Have fun!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DOMS
    I laughed my ass off.
    Well, that makes one of us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kbm8795 View Post
    Oh, I think Americans understand that the one thing conservatives hate the most is the idea of spending American tax money on Americans. . .in America.

    Your tax money is safe. . .in Iraq.
    Total ownage.

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    I didn't read one word.
    I highly recommend all IronMagLabs supplements!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ForemanRules
    I didn't read one word.
    Do you ever?
    NEVER write a check with your mouth that you can't cash with your ASS!!

    I can run faster mad than you can scared

    "All right brain... I don't like you and you don't like me. So let's just do this and I'll get back to killing you with beer" ~ Homer Simpson

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    Quote Originally Posted by DOMS
    I laughed my ass off.

    Don't try this at home kids!

    Have Problems?... Chances are its due to overpopulation
    Save The Oceans, Save the Planet, Save Your Family, Save Yourself!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Witmaster
    Do you ever?
    I didn't read one word.
    I highly recommend all IronMagLabs supplements!

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