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    Do not post asking for sources. This is not an "open source board."

    Visit those types of boards if you want that kind of action.
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    Quote Originally Posted by silly_me
    because its next to impossible to get steroids where i live and the guy ive been 'hooked up' with doesnt seem legit (not answering emails etc). I will put my email down: in case anyone can email with legit sources and help me as i live in Aus.
    Your about one dumb person. You obviously don't understand that drug enforcement agencies watch these forums. What do you do, put up you email addy.

    Now who's going to be stupid enough to email you. This could result in the emailer getting busted very easily if enforcements were watching.

    Go the fuck away dummy
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    5th post from the top of the anabolic forum. Read it. Learn it. Actually read the first five posts in their entirety and you will probably have a lot less questions to post.
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