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Does stamina/endurance help with strength training?

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    Does stamina/endurance help with strength training?

    I am wondering how much stamina or endurance in terms of cardiovascular activity can benefit your strength training workouts? I haven't done a strict cardio workout for a long time, and thus I am quite out of shape compared to my basketball playing days. Lately I feel my workouts suffer because I simply get out of breath versus quitting due to muscle failure. This is mostly true in my higher rep workouts such as tricep work, bicep work, dips, and squats.

    So, how much do you think this actually affects strength training workouts?
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    Over time cardiovascular training will probably increase the efficiency of the cardiovascular system in general, which could lead to your muscles getting oxygen more quickly when they need it, which could lead to some improvements. It really shouldn't help for strength training as far as reps go - many, many reps are not required and should not be used for the most part with strength goals in mind. If you're going for strongman-style training, cardio health is essential because you may need to walk long distances carrying heavy objects. This training in itself should be sufficient, however, when implemented properly.
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    some cardio will enhance your overal performance and recovery when strength training as Squag said.

    however, to much endurance work is defenitly going to diminish strength gains as they are polar opposites on the trainign spectrum and target different fiber types.
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    If you are doing a workout like a hit routine it does help alot. Going from set to set is tough without any cardiovascular shape.

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    It can be a limiting factor. If your conditioning is so poor that you are incapable of using any rest intervals shorter than 2 minutes, then your workouts will probably be castrated in one form or another during your training career. It might be that the amount of volume you can perform is limited, you can't get your rest interval into the optimal hypertrophy range, you have to perform too many isolation movements to make up for your lack of conditioning, or whatever it may be.

    There are plenty of possibilities for it to hold you back, but the level of conditioning necessary to maintain a good strength training career is much lower than what is necessary for most sports.
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