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Maybe I'm concerned about nothing

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    Maybe I'm concerned about nothing

    Hi all,
    I wasn't sure wher to post this so if this is the wrong place sorry. I have a bulging disk in my lower back. My Dr. gave me a Medrol steroid pack to take inflamation out of the bulging disk. He said if I didn't see alot of improvement after the pack which is a week dose pack to get a cortisone epi-dural. He would be on vacation but just have Dr. Lister (other doc in same office) do the procedure. So after the pack no huge improvment, I go back to the office see Dr. Lister and he gives me 3 more Medrol packs. My doc had told me no more cause steroids aren't good on the body although I only had one pack. Dr. Lister says here are 3 more and they should help, one ususally isn't enough. So to get to my question I see alot of talk about taking other supps. while taking a cyclye of steroids to help protect the liver. Should I be concerned about this or are these Medrol packs safer?

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    They're completely different types of steroids bro. You should be fine.

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