Through my experimenting w/ homemade eca's over the past coupla years, I've discovered something. Now it's just a theory and I haven't done any real chem analysis on it, but here it is (based on my experiences):

Ephedrine sulfate VS ephedrine HCL:
w/ Ephedrine sulfate, effects are strongly noticed w/in 20-25min whereas, w/ the HCL bound Ephedrine, it generally takes at least an hour to yield the same results. Also, the effects of the sulfate are shorter-lived and more intense.

Therefore, I conclude that ephedrine, when bound as a sulfate, is more readily used in the system and carries less of a "time-released" quality than ephedrine HCL, which does prolong the effects as much as 150-200% longer in activity.

Bottom line: the sulfate is better-suited for a workout boost (particularly weight training [cardio may increase the hrt rt too much]), while ephedrine HCL is better suited for a fat-burning regimine.

Just a note from your friendly, neighborhood Cornfed. Hope this helps someone.