Oldie but a Newbie

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    Oldie but a Newbie

    Hello Everyone..

    Its been forever since I have been able to post here or even workout let alone try to contribute to some of the oldie pals I have made here..

    my update is this.. I had surgery in November a massive hernia ( from lifting ) and turned out it was the size of a large grapefruit!! yikes so now I have a mesh tummywall interesting and numb still.. my incision goes from just under my ribs down to my bikini line. Then during the same surgery I had a panniclectomy with tightening of the stomach muscles. He removed 15 lbs of skin and that incision goes from side to side of my body about 8 inches past my hip bones on each side.. so over all my incisions look like an anchor...I had a revision 4 weeks ago to repair some dog earring and remove a bit more skin.. 104 stitches later Here I am .....

    now I have the green light as of this week to start working out again and even starting using my abdominal muscles .. I am terrified tho..and am trying to psych myself up to get going.. I really need to figure this out and I found great help and success last time I was here..I look forward to it again.

    my 14 in biceps are floppy and bumpy and down to 12 " this is my current biggest concern.. so I am definantly wanting to start there.. and work in the rest slowly..my waist is down to 29 and I don't know the other measurements as yet I will be taking them though here in a week I still have swelling and my plastic surgeon believes I should be down to a 27 waist in a few months when the fluid subsides completely.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and I do hope I get to be a much more active part of the group again.



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    Welcome back, hope your recovery goes well.
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    Erilaya welcome back!
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    Welcome back Son!

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