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Confused - vegetarian-fed cage free hen and organic free roam hen eggs

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    Confused - vegetarian-fed cage free hen and organic free roam hen eggs

    There are always 3 types of "cage free" hen eggs I see at stores:

    1) vegetarian fed, cage free hen eggs with omega-3 that are white (non-fertile?)

    2) vegetarian fed, cage free, omega 3 hen eggs that are brown (fertile?)

    3) vegetarian fed, cage free, omega 3, hen eggs that are brown but are ORGANIC certified.

    I know that once something is organic, it becomes a legal claim and must fit certain guidelines before it is governmentally certified as truly organic. But doesn't a vegetarian diet (versus eating their own brethrens in grain form pumped with hormones) and a cage-free environment deem all hen eggs organic? I'm not sure about the fertility issue either. I know it's best to ask FDA but maybe someone here knows.

    Regardless, I sort of got off the point but I'm just wondering what cage-free "organic" eggs have that cage-free "non-organic" eggs don't have.

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    I dunno all the eggs in the shops in the UK organic or otherwise are all brown.
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