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    Ketogenic Diet

    Ive been looking at Ketogenic diets and am planning on putting one together for myself. Monday thru Friday I want to be carb free (almost) and Saturday and Sunday refuel with carbs. I was hoping maybe you guys and gals could help me put together a daily meal plan. Im having trouble figuring out what to eat on no carb days, in the sense of what foods to eat in place of my regular carbs. I know eggs, lean meats (chicken) and veggies. Ive been reading about KEtogenic diets alot but am unable to figure whats foods I should be eating in place of my regular carbs. Im not really sure about what to eat for breakfast, snacks (is cottage cheese okay on carb free days?) or even lunch. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!! I know it sounds like a stupid question but i want to make sure Im getting enough calories to supply my body, but without the carbs. I have a great clean diet now but it isnt a ketogenic one. Thanks in advance for all and any advice/help!!!


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    Who came up w/ the spelling of your name? Did you change it b/c of pref or is it foreign? Or random?
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    from what i've heard those diets suck. Never did try it though and I really wouldn't want to.

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    well Im Polish and my parents came up with it. Any chance you guys could help me with my question? Thanks!!!

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