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Controlled Labs / Legal Gear stack question

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    Controlled Labs / Legal Gear stack question

    I would like to know your opinion on this stack as far as it being unsafe to take together. PLEASE do not share with me what you think about either product or company. My main concern is if it would be a bad mix if I put the two together.

    The first one is Legal Gears Formadrol Extreme:
    Supplement Facts
    Serving size: 1 capsule Servings Per Container: 60
    6-Alpha-methyl-etiocholene-3, 17-dione 20mg
    Diadzein 20mg

    The second is Controlled Labs Blue Rhino:

    Rhino Test Complex: 1100mg
    Tribulus Terrestris (Extracted for 80% Steroidal Saponins and 30% Protodioscin), Avena Sativa (Extracted for 15% Avenacosides A & B), Eurycoma Longifolia (Longjack Extracted for 28% Bioactive Glyco Peptides, 40% Glyco Saponins and 30% polysaccharides)

    Blue Stim Complex: 255mg
    Natural Caffeine, Pausinytalia Yohimbe Bark Extract (6.5 mg Yohimbine)

    Directions: Do not take tyramine containing foods or any prescription drugs with this product before contacting your physician. If you have hypertension, are obese or have a history of heart related ailments or any other disease please do not use this product before contacting your physician.

    Your input on the safety of running these two together would be appreciated!

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    They are both testosterone boosters, so I don't think it would be a good idea, money or health wise, to stack them, IMO......


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