Wanted to start a new thread for this one:

What are the short-term and potential long-term effects of doing a few cutting cycles with an ECA stack? It doesn't seem as tame as something like creatine, the fact that you're revving up your body that much seems like a semi-serious thing to me, am I just undeducated?

I just got some recommendations of quantities (thanks btw gopro), 600mg C/day is equivalent to 13 cokes !!!! Every day!!! Holy crap that seems like a lot. Is addiction a problem for some?

Also, given some of the E products are banned in canada and elsewhere, what is their reasoning there? Are they just uptight or have they seen medical/other probs with supps like this?

Also unrelated, is yohimbine HCL purely for sexual function, or does it contribute to a cutting stack? I couldn't find why this would help on a web search.