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    Post 1-Test Stack???

    Hi. I'm new here but I'm hoping you all can help me out. I just recently ordered VPX Sports 1-Test and Paradeca 357. The website I ordered from said that they were good when stacked with each other. The only problem is the website doesn't say how much of either to take when stacking. Should I take the recommended dose for each? I've heard you should half the recommended dose but I'm not sure. Does anyone know? If so I'd really appreciate your reply. Thank you.

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    Take the recommended dose for each product, which is on the bottle. I know it is 6cc per day of 1-Test, but not sure about Paradeca. My only recommendation is that you take only 3 servings per day split each serving size in 3rds, and take them at the same time 3 times per day.

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    Paraeca is 6cc per day also.
    Never heard of halfing the dosage when stacking though.
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