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Thread: New to the land

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    New to the land

    Hi, I am completely new to the workout routine, well kinda, and was looking for a good place to come for aid. I am looking to try to get into a good routine and diet not to neccesarily get big, more lean/defined as it would do more for the sports I play ( soccer/tennis ).

    I guess I need to give a bit of information about myself prior to it all. I am 19 years old, 5'7'' ( ya im short ) 130lbs and I don't know the technical term for it but I have a hard time gaining weight. I can pretty much eat anything and won't put on weight. I am used to alot of cardio, and do plan to do that alot as I got used to it from sports. What I was thinking of doing, atleast this is all I can come up with to go with my limited knowledge, is every morning running 1.5 to 2 miles prolly 2. Doing crunches/pushups ( was thinking 3-5 sets of 25 for each depending on what I am able to do ).

    So ya, with doing that cardio I also want to lift a bit as I have a gym in the building with plenty of freeweights and almost every type of machine I'd need. So here are a few of my questions, because of the sports I play I do not wish to get big, rather lean defined muscle like i said above, meaning the good abs, chest, shoulders, lower back is all good for tennis and legs are good for both as those are definately needed. So I was curious if anyone could help me design or give me a few tips on workout routines for someone like myself who doesn't put on weight easily, whether it be working out 3 times a week or w/e it is, sry im new to this all.

    Lastly, the diet, as I am told is a large part of getting into good shape, would my metabolism being fast ( me not putting on weight easily regardless of what or how much I eat ) should I be eating alot more? And if so what should I increase, protein? carbs? just calories in general with as little fat? Also I am not sure of my BF but it should be quite low as I am pretty thin already.

    Well thank you in advance for any feedback

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    I would start by checking out the 101....and then trying to come up with a routine. post it here and get some feedback.

    welcome to IM.
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    "In the beginners mind there are many possibilities, in the experts there are few."
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    You are doing yourself quite a service by coming here and learning as much as possible as early on in your training life as you can. The amount of mistakes you are making or ways you can improve might suprise you after you look around here for awhile.

    I haven't been here long but that has been my experience.

    And it's such a more appealing learning process than reading a lengthy book, although I was doing a lot of that before I came here. The BFFM book you will find mentioned here quite often was very helpful for me if you have not already read it.
    "Knowing is not enough we must apply." --- "Willing is not enough we must do."


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