Back at School, Starting Full Body, Get big.

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    Back at School, Starting Full Body, Get big.

    So I finally decided to start tracking this stuff to see where I am going. I was afraid that the workout today would be bad on account of the 12 beers consumed the night before. However, it went pretty well. I am currently taking superpump and cee.
    BW: 189

    Day 1: Full Body

    Squat 3x6 @ 225 ( I feel like I never need to progress in weight, my squats now are literally as far as I can possibly go down, but I digress.)

    Overhead Press 3x6 @ 100 - this felt pretty easy, should be able to rack on 10 more lbs

    SLDL 3x6 @ 245

    Bent Rows 3x6 @ started at 155 then last two at 175

    DB Press 3x6 My roommate here pushed me to go up, so I did, started at 90, was easy then went to 100's got 7 then 5

    Curls - Wanted to do them since I haven't in a few months, threw on 25's on the bar and pulled 8-5 and ended with a set of hammers

    Situps - just felt like I should after last night.

    I won't drink for at least two weeks now, still feel shitty, all comments and suggestions are welcome, just came off of the upper lower from the stickies. Thanks to all.

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    Day 2:

    It's one of the first days of school at the gym so everyone and their mom comes to bench and do curls Anywho here's how it went, and I would love some feedback on the full body routine since I'm not too sure it's the best one out there.

    Deadlift 3x6 @ 315 6-6-5 This was a really tough lift, I was exhausted for like ten minutes after it was done.

    Weighted Pullups 3x6 @ BW+25 6-5-5 I was still feeling the deads, usually can do 6 every set, oh well

    Lunges 3x6 @ 40

    Incline BB Press 3x6 First weight was 205 but it was too hard then dropped to 185 4-6-8

    Face Pulls 3x10 at 60 Just threw that in their since I have more pushes on day 1 to balance it out.

    All comments are welcome.

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