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Gopro, Scotty, and fellow lifters is this a better bulk routine?

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    Gopro, Scotty, and fellow lifters is this a better bulk routine?

    Gopro, Scotty and everybody else I've tried to make this routine better. Let me ask you how long do you normally stick to a routine? I was thinking maybe results are slow because I'm changing my routines up to much. So I'd thought I stick to this every week and lift heavy. i'm stick with this 3 to 4 months. Make changes please if needed? Heres some changes-

    Monday- Back
    -Deadlifts 3x/4 to 6 reps
    -Chin Ups (just body) 4x/ 10rep
    -Seated Row 3x /7 to 9 rep
    -Iso Lateral low Row 3X/ 7 to10 rep

    Tuesday- Chest & Triceps
    -Bench press 3x/ 6 to 8
    -Decline Press 3x/ 6 to 8
    -Incline Press- 3x/ 6 to 8
    -Flat Flyes 3x/ 8 to10
    -Tricep Pushdown 3x/ 6 to 8
    -Tricep Dumbbell Extension 3x/6 to 8
    -weighted dips 3x/6 to 8


    -Squats 4x/ 6 to 8
    -Machine Leg Curl 4x/ 8 to 10
    -Leg Extension 4x/ 8 to 10
    -Leg Press 4x/6 to 8

    Friday- Shoulders/Biceps
    -Barbell Arm Curl 4x/ 6 to 8 (Will do every week)
    -Preacher Curls 4x/ 6 to 8 ( Will alternate with hammer, reverse, and dumbbell curls)
    *-Dumbbell arm curls- 4x/ 6 to 8
    *-Hammer Curls 4x/6 to 8
    -Reverse Curls- 4x 6 to 8
    - Will use as alternates for preacher curl. Barbell curl I keep as my core exercise everyweek.

    -Dumbbell Shoulder Press 3x/ 6 to 8
    -Military Press 3x/ 6 to 8
    -Barbbell Shrugs 3x/ 8 to 10
    - Upright Row 4x/ 6 to 8reps
    Saturday and Sunday Off

    The barbell shrugs and military press I feel are helping my shoulders. I will do this routine every week. I think Gopro or Scotty said stick to the basics? That’s what I’m trying to do with this routine. I really need to know if you agree with my shoulder/bicep and chest/tricep day? Please correct if I’m wrong?

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    Ok, not bad, but can be better...

    monday-back...I'd like to see you drop the iso-lateral row in favor of heavy bent over barbell rows...3 x 6-8

    tuesday-chest/tris...A little too much volume for chest. Drop the declines. Keep chest to 9-10 sets....lower volume on tris to about 6 sets, 3 exercises, two sets each. Alternate dips and close grip benches week to week.

    thurs-legs...lower volume on quads and raise on hams. Do 10 sets for quads ( 5 squats, 3 presses, 2 extensions)...add stiff leg deadlifts to hams and drop one set off the leg curls.

    friday-delts/ either dumbell press OR military press, but not both...make your routine like this...

    -upright row
    -side lateral

    ...too much volume for biceps..try this...

    -barbell curl or preacher curl...2 x 6-8
    -alternate dumbell curl...2 x 6-8
    -hammer or reverse curl...2 x 8-10

    Now I'm happier!

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    My opinion, bring your leg day to Fridays, and your shoulder/bicep day to Thursdays. Why? Because if you are doing legs right, you aren't going to feel like going into the gym after leg day. Quads/Hams are your biggest muscle, and if you work them to failure, you are going to hit a huge DOMS, which might make the next day feel like it's impossible to work out.

    Not having seen your other advice, I'd also recommend that if you are going to stick with one routine for 3-4 months, you need to incorporate shocking techniques to blast your muscles into growth. Never let them get used to a routine.
    It's not just a sport, it's a lifestyle!

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    and if your really into bulking. little or no cardio[except for sex] ha,ha.get at least 8 hrs of sleep and eat BIG, good quality food.drink lots of aqua.
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