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Beginning with P/RR/S or MAX OT

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    Beginning with P/RR/S or MAX OT

    Hi guys, I'm 19 years old and have been training MAX OT for almost three months now... Before that I was training without proper technique, neither a proper diet for about six months. Anyway, in the time I improve my diet and began doing MAX OT I got 7 kilos (I'm from southamerica, I understand everything on kg) of muscle mass with a little of fat. Not that much fat. Anyway, I've read a lot that MAX OT is not the most efficient way to increase size, and I'm not sure waht to believe because I have had very good gains. Some studies I've read says that a combination of training styles is better, and then I found P/RR/S, but is not supossed to be done by begginers. What should I do? Does anyone know some P/RR/S workout that I could done? Does anyone think I shouls stick to MAX OT for a longer time? Thanks.

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    p/rr/s for me

    but they both have there merits
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    I love MAX-OT.

    I would stick with it a year before changing to something more advanced... few programs build strength like max-ot.
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    Yeah, depends on how strong you are.

    I would go to p/rr/s. I love it and just adapt it to what I want. Read over it and keep and open mind that you can change it up pretty much however you think would suit your goals.

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    I have done both and like p/rr/s alot better. Max-Ot was a great program though

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