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Hidden dangers??

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    Hidden dangers??

    When your cutting what are some of the hidden danger foods, things u might think are a good idea but actually aren't.

    For example, I've been told fruit and milk are, is this true and what else should I be aware of.


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    Nothing Wrong with some Fruits and Skim Milk.

    Check the Stickies. There is a whole shopping list there of acceptable foods.

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    There is no reason to cut out fruits and milk if you are just trying to drop some fat and look better. The only thing you'll accomplish is burn out due to too strict of a diet.

    If you are dieting for a show or some other reason and need to be aggressive with it, make sure you can handle it first. 'Tis not an easy transition from pizza, chinese, cookies and cakes to cottage cheese, tuna and chicken.
    "The greatest obstacle to knowledge is not ignorance but the illusion of knowledge." -Barry Marshall, Nobel Laureate

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    Everything in moderation, if a person tells you not to eat fruit for days or weeks at a time you now know that person has no idea about how to eat or diet.
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    avoid fried foods and sugar

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrojanMan60563 View Post
    avoid fried foods and sugar
    I agree with TM on this. If you avoid these, you are well on your way to a healthier body.
    If you always have a great day, you will always have a great life.

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    Yeah besides the obvious - fried food, and sugar-heavy food... these things you might take into account when restricting calories, not because they are BAD, but because a lot of them pack a big caloric punch in a relatively small serving size, and thus are easier to overeat (resulting in extra calories you probably didn't want to/mean to add to your day's totals).

    Pay close attention if including the following into your meals...

    - Nuts
    - Nut butters
    - whole milk
    - full fat yogurt/cottage cheese
    - fat free flavored yogurts - usually loaded with extra sugar
    - whole eggs or egg yolks (nothing wrong with CHOLESTEROL, just a lot of saturated fat - you can just go with whites, or 1 whole + n whites)
    - dried fruit
    - certain tortillas/wraps (some are made with lard and can pack in like 300 calories in one piece)
    - dressings and oils (for salads, etc.)*
    - fruit juices (many times more sugar/calories than a serving of the actual fruit)
    - regular soda (obviously, nothing but sugar calories - nothing good can come of drinking this stuff)

    Keeping some fat in your diet, even when you're restricting calories, is important, but try to stick to monounsaturated fats, minimize saturated fats and eliminate trans fats.

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