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USAF on Okinawa Looking for something

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    USAF on Okinawa Looking for something

    Well, lemme start off by saying that I am in Okinawa Japan, so I cannot eat what I use to eat back in the states. I am currently at Kadena ABS.

    I have noticed recently that I have been working out and for some reason can't feel myself getting bigger or losing weight. I am not taking any supplements either. Me being in the military, I cannot take some things that appear on some chart because it is like steroids. I work out 5 times a week, usually take of tuesdays and Fridays. What can I take to help me lose weight and gain muscle. I would rather lose the weight so I can look more defined. Thanks for your help, and If anyone has any military workouts they use to do to help them, send em this way.

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    It's all about the calories you take in. Not just about how many but also the quality. If you are eating well and still find yourself stuck, try carb cycling. It worked wonders for me the first time I attempted it. Here's a good place to get you introduced to carb cycling. And yes it is very hard to stick to....


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    I'm in the Air Force, I haven't really come across anything you can find online or in your local supp stores that the Air Force doesn't allow. I had to check on a few testosterone boosters but so far it seems the ones that are available are fine.

    Work on your diet and make sure that everything you eat all the time is high quality. I know this is very hard to do, but I'm deployed and I can still manage it so there's no excuses. If anything, check for a good appetite suppresant to help you get your portions down when you eat.

    Make sure you eat several times a day and eat slow enough to know when you're full. For the first couple of months you should stop before you get full and eat 5 times a day, small meals gets your stomach to shrink over time and eating more often keeps your metabolism up so you'll have more energy and be inspired to be more active, plus it helps you burn more calories at rest. Focus on cardio but don't seclude your workouts to just that, muscle building is very necessary to losing weight.
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