exercising with chronic illness

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    exercising with chronic illness

    I ahve chronic shingles on my scalp aside from diabetes and at times, like right now my head hurts too much to think about exercise. How do you motivate yurself to do at least a few minutes worth of exercise when you hurt from illness and not injury?

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    I'd worry more about preventing / reducing your chronic illness than working out right now. Post your complaints in the general health forum and go to the diet forum to get a clean diet, if you don't have that already.

    I don't think it's a good idea to work out when you're ill.

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    I ahve just recently change dmmy diet and added some much needed minerals that I was depleted in from the diabetes.
    I feel like I want to do something to get moving but its like rowing aboat with a spoon.....

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    How often is this a problem?
    The only time it's bad to feel the burn is when you're peeing...

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    I'm sure this is one for advice from the PTs but my 2 penneth is keep it light and think about gentle cardio.
    I'm 34 - when am I officially an old fart?

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