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Hows it going everybody!?

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    Hows it going everybody!?

    Just wanted to intro myself on this Thanksgiving day. Hope yours is great.

    I want to get the body I had in college back by the end of 2007. In college I weighed in at 190 I'm 6'-0" tall. My body fat was incredibly low and I would soon realize why that was so. I got pancratitis and was later diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in my senior year of college. After 17 years of shooting insulin i have put on an incredible 60lbs!!! Enough is enough. I gotta do something NOW!!!!!!!!

    The thing is type 1 diabetes is incredibly difficult to control. Wondering if there are any members with Type 1.

    I've not picked up a weight in 2 years. I have a nice Nautilus cage and bench system that has become a cloths hanger. I do like to ride my mountain bike when possible. I realize that diet and aerobic exercise should be my main focus. I don't have alot of money for fancy supplements but I'll be willing to buy books from your excellent suggestions.

    Have a great day!!!!!!!

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    Wecome to IM, you'll love it here.

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    flyinghigh welcome t o IM!
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