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Test with equipoise or primo

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    Test with equipoise or primo

    Wich of these would be better with test enanthate:
    Equipoise or Primobolan to get dry gains.

    Also with test enanthate I know proviron is usually considered better for gains but to stick to the safe side would arimidex be better?

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    EQ. Primo would require pretty high doses. That's why women prefer the drug.

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    Also is arimidex or proviron better?
    I was thinking arimidex to be safer. So 0.5 mg EOD from beginning to first clomid or tamoxifen would be enough?or too much?
    See I was thinking
    1-12 Arimidex 0.5 mg EOD
    1-2 test E 400 mg
    1-2 EQ 600 mg
    2-10 test E 450-500mg
    2-10 EQ 350-400mg (depending on how i feel)
    10-12 HCG 2000iu ebery 6 days
    12-16 Clomid or tamoxifen

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    Primo worked for Arnold. It'll work for you.
    Let's all join together and SPEAK ENGLISH IN AMERICA.

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    Exemestane (aromasin) is much better than anastrozole (arimidex). Proviron isn't a safe bet for your only anti-e, but it will give you wood. Don't start your anti-e until a few weeks into the cycle or you will dry quick. EQ is a better choice than primo. It's better to run hcg throughout the whole cycle until pct starts at around 300 iu twice weekly.

    How many cycles have you run before and what gear did you use?
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    How to Use HCG

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    Quote Originally Posted by musclepump View Post
    Primo worked for Arnold. It'll work for you.


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