Another energy drink question.

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    Another energy drink question.

    I have researched the info on energy drinks, but here's my question.

    I have problems gettin the energy I need. Between my job, my girlfriend, working out, and paying bills I'm spent. So, recently I've tried some caffeine alternatives to coffee..

    Energy drinks. More specifically, Rockstar. Not the diet shit, most diet drinks are packed with more and more sucralose (swoon) just to flavor it up, I'll pass. So I just drink the normal Rockstar stuff. Usually 1 a day before I goto work just to keep me awake.

    How much will this hinder my performance, I'm currently bulking. Just got done with a 6 month cut (Was going into the Navy, fate said otherwise). Now I'm back on the gain again. I still retained my strength, just lost about 30 lbs. I consider my cut a success.

    So... back to the topic. Rockstar, will it hurt me that much? Just 1 a day? I take alot of other supplements.. Consists of:

    Creatine / AKG
    Tribex (the blue pill, yay)
    Whey / EFAs
    and I definetly eat as healthy as possible (I wont touch pizza, burgers. Namely I eat chicken, eggs, brocolli, asparagus, oatmeal).

    I'm almost considering it to be my one negative. If I just maintain and eat healthy, then 1 Rockstar isn't going to shit a brick on me.

    Thoughts? Input? Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tannywild View Post
    I'm almost considering it to be my one negative. If I just maintain and eat healthy, then 1 Rockstar isn't going to shit a brick on me.
    My thoughts exactly.

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    Why do you think the diet Rockstar will bother you? It has a whole whopping 10 cals per serving. I love the stuff.

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    seeing as u are fucken healthy boy i dont think the rockstar with a lot of sugars gona do anythign.
    but for a guy like me who'll eat almost anything when its the right time to, its not ok. but i cant help it cuz im on break .

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    Diet Rockstar, Sucralose / aspartame / whatever they put in that shit.. I'm against it.

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