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vitamins for acne

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    vitamins for acne

    When I started using Tribulis (natural testosterone) my face and back broke out with acne. I had acne for about 6 months before I came across SkinB5, which is a powder that mixes with water or juice. I prefer to mix it with my protein shakes and it basically cleared my acne within 4 weeks.

    Whilst taking SkinB5 I found it gave me tonnes more energy which is awesome for my training. Anyways if you have acne check out, My dermatologist also recommended using Cetaphil (cleanser), its really cheap and you can buy it from any pharmacy.

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    Each 5 grm scoop contains:

    Calcium Pantothenate

    Equivalent to Pantothenic Acid 3.64g

    Zinc Gloconate

    Equivalent to Zinc 70mg

    Biotin 366mcg
    Vitamin A (as retinyl acetate 285mcg) 827IU
    Durrr... just take a multivitamin. And what is this doing in the training section? Go away Mr. Advertiser.

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