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For All You Candida Sufferers Out There!!!!

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    Talking For All You Candida Sufferers Out There!!!!

    Well, I stumbled on perhaps the greatest development in my fight against Candida albicans. Pfizer just put out a drug last year called Eraxis. Eraxis is an antifungal administered intravenously to treat Candida infections in the bloodstream (BINGO!!!). It contains anidulafungin; a semi-synthetic echinocandin, which inhibits glucan synthase (an enzyme found in fungal cells). It has, according to their study, almost a 100% chance of eradicating Candida. This shit would get right into the thick of it:the bloodstream. I will bring this up to my doctor Monday.

    --no more orals, where most of it gets destroyed by your liver

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    Keep us posted ... and good luck with this
    OTB. Hope this does the trick

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