Little Hef in the works?

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    Little Hef in the works?

    This guy is awesome!

    Hef robs cradle, and he may fill it, too!

    The answer to Who's Your Daddy just may be Hugh Hefner. The founder of the Playboy empire has told us he's considering becoming a father again - at age 80.

    "I wouldn't say that there's a plan, but there has certainly been a conversation," the centerfold sovereign said.

    Hef's personal life hit the spotlight with E!'s Playboy Mansion reality series "The Girls Next Door," which will begin its third season on March 4.

    The show depicts Hef living out his golden years with a harem of girlfriends - Kendra Wilkinson, Bridget Marquardt and queen bunny Holly Madison, who has spoken openly about wanting to conceive a baby with the titillation tycoon.

    Hefner already has four children from two marriages, including 54-year-old Christie Hefner, who's chairman and CEO of Playboy Enterprises.

    "I think ‘probability' is probably an overstatement," he told us, "but ‘possibility' is very real. It began as a wish, and now it's becoming, I mean, on Holly's part, it's a more serious conversation."

    Even more shocking to some will be the fact that the man who boasted a seven-woman coterie as late as 2004 has found true love.

    "This is the one," he said of Madison. "It's fascinating - I mean, with all the years and the romantic adventures and the marriages, etc. - to find something as special as this at this stage in my life is a miracle."

    Hefner got back in the dating game in 1998, when he separated from second wife Kimberley Conrad Hefner. "I came out of it emotionally beat up and bruised," he told us - and a new trio of blonds was the perfect balm. Hugh's rebound relationships included actress Brande Roderick and Chicago-bred twins Sandy and Mandy Bentley. "I was dating Sandy, Mandy and Brande," he told us, "which is like bad fiction."

    The posse grew with rotating honeys, then Madison made her grand entrance.

    "I cut back a little," said Hefner. "I thinned the herd."

    It wasn't long before Madison was his No. 1. "And the other girls recognize that," he told us. "This is the one with the future. And this was not planned as a plot line - a variation on HBO's [polygamy drama] 'Big Love.' This was a unique relationship, and then the television show came along. We're just having a lot of fun with it, and life has never been better."
    I hope that donkey doesn't have a heinie troll!,b...hite,black.png

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    Spurt a few more kids out because you can...

    We won't mind when their kids, and kids-kids,
    each create about 1609 pounds of garbage per year, ( times X (69.3, US lifetime average) = 111,503.7 LBs)
    and produce an average of 10,000 shitty diapers per child which won't be recycled.

    Thanks HEF! -

    Have Problems?... Chances are its due to overpopulation
    Save The Oceans, Save the Planet, Save Your Family, Save Yourself!

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    Here we go again......hahahaha....

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