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Running: from tread to pavement

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    Running: from tread to pavement

    The tail end of my cutt cycle will commence in the spring -which I intended, so that I can add morning cardio (to curb plateau) by running when we get warmer temperatures outside. Right now, I run on the treadmill for 30 min 3-4 times a week to maintain and because it's a frigid -30 outside.

    Long story-short, I know the treadmill is far less laborious than running on road. I don't want to hit a brick wall in the spring. Any good programs out there that transition treadmill training to road.

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    I trained for a half marathon last winter using only the treadmill and had a personal best time for that race! I suggest increasing the incline to 1% while running. I also like the hill program to do hill work too since our race route has some interesting hills. My only problem with the treadmill is that it becomes so mundane and there is only so much time I want to spend staring at the others in the gym A couple sites to check out for great tips would be from Hal Higdon and Jeff Galloway. I've read books from them both and they are great!
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