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Body Building redux

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    Body Building redux

    This invention is going to change working out forever...

    I was working out 5 days a week (over 7 hours) on a different muscle group each day like almost everyone else out there. Then a friend of mine that I work with showed me MaxOut body development equipment. To be honest, I quit my job as a division director of a marketing company (Quantified Marketing Group in Heathrow Florida) to com help them develop it.

    The basic principals of bodybuilding are (and all of you know this) that you use only about 40% of your muscle potential in each rep. That is because you are lifting only enough weight to tax you on the concentric movement. The eccentric movement (the other 60%) is then WASTED. Well with the MaxOut machines you work 100% of each part of the rep.

    For instance when I am squatting my max is 525. So on my way up I am lifting 525 but on the way down I am lifting 600. That is because the bar is attached to a computer controlled pulley system that monitors where I am in my movement and applies help only during the concentric movement. In addition, as you are getting tired, the trainer working with you can “adjust” the amount of help you are getting within the set. So when you are getting tired and can’t lift say the 525, we can adjust that to 475, then 450 and so on. Ensuring in one set complete fatigue/ taxation of the muscle.


    Get the most out of each rep.

    Spend less time in the gym. Get back 5 to 6 hours a week.

    Get more results. Up to 15% more then traditional training over a 3 month period.

    Less Chance of getting hurt

    More so the machines where created by the Director of Orthopedics at the University of Florida, Dr. Mike MacMillan, and help decrease the chance of injury for one main reason.

    Moving heavy weight will still allow for proper form.

    Here is the original video about us:

    the web site will be up on Wednesday....

    Come check us out. We are looking for people to sponsor as well.


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    Very few people here workout a bodypart a day. Lets figure out some facts first before we go assuming.

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    You realize you could just buy some weight releasers from for a lot cheaper than those machines are going to cost.

    Nothing really new hear. Zatsiorsky talked about this in the Science and Practice of Strength Training.
    Optimum Sports Performance

    "In the beginners mind there are many possibilities, in the experts there are few."
    -Buddha's Little Instruction Book

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