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Another 10k race

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    Another 10k race

    Just a hello and thanks to everyone who gave me help and advice on training and website info since ive been running. Ive just completed a 10k race which i did last year in the time of 49.32 and this years time was 46.01 so thats over 3 minutes off, im well chuffed so a big thank you and i have also got into the UK great north run thats a half marathon so thats another goal to go for cheers........
    Male, 38 years old, 5ft 11", 187lbs
    Goals; 10k sub 46mins 10 mile sub 77 mins
    half marathon sub 120 mins

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    GREAT job! I've over the last year shaved a great deal of time off my races including a full 50 minutes from my first full marathon time! Kudos to you and good luck with continued training
    Indianapolis Mini Marathon 2004 and 2005
    Valparaiso Mini Marathon 2006
    Chicago Marathon 2004 and 2006

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    Congrats MACCA

    keep up the good work

    Because life was'nt meant to be easy

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