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    i was planning on injecting in the glute, but a friend recommended mixing it up, like one week glute and then one week leg, etc... what do you guys think?

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    he's right,i'm not experienced but i would say rotate it up

    Glutes,Quads etc

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    how often and how much are you injecting?

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    its a stack, so i take them 3 days apart from eachother.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BillyJean69 View Post
    its a stack, so i take them 3 days apart from eachother.
    Stack of? The "of" is whats going to determine what you should do.

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    so i got some Bold QV and stanazolic, and im going to stack it. i was told that do Bold one day and like the next day or 2 days after do stanazolic, and then again use BOLD 3 days after u took the last Bold shot.

    not sure if that makes much sense to you,

    so... for example

    monday : bold
    tuesday: stanazolic
    thursday: Bold again
    friday: stanaz

    do you guys agree with this, i need info, planning on starting monday


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    i inject weekly and i just rotate glutes everyweek

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