Gear Feedback..looks fishy

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    Gear Feedback..looks fishy

    I just received my last bottles for my final 2 weeks but two things:
    1) The ugl seems unknown. There is almost 0 feedback on the net & none of my gear buddies have heard of this lab. Not sure if i can post the name here but will pm it to you if you ask.

    2) On the bottle of Test E it says: 250mg/ml & 25,000mg multi dose vial. It's a 10 ml thing so it should be 2500mg instead of 25000 which makes me wonder if this is a print mistake or a bad ugl.

    It came from a good source though.

    I can post pictures in 2 days once i get a camera. Should i take a shot anyways or wait?

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    dont inject if u dont know what it is, tell ur source 2 stop being a jackass and get real gear
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    If they can't do simple math, I sure as FUCK wouldn't put their chemistry project into my body.
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    Bubbuh: "Duh, well gosh dang."

    Cletus: "Ah hell, lets send it out anyways, it's gettin' late and I wanna hit the bars."
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