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Update - Results of my routine and meal plan

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    Update - Results of my routine and meal plan

    Hello everyone!

    I registered back in September of 2006. Haven't posted much, but did a lot of research on this site. Thanks to all who posted!

    I started out by following the routine my personal trainer developed for me (see below). To make a long story short, I was already in decent shape when I started, but within 3 months I'd lost so much weight I looked like a stick figure (113 lbs on a 5'11" frame). I wasn't happy with my meal plan either, so I adjusted it to my needs by increasing the amount of carbs and decreasing my daily protein intake, which resulted in smaller sized meals. That alone took care of the nausea. I also gained some weight, which was a good thing. I added plenty of fruits and dairy products to my diet, which worked well for me. I have a very hectic schedule, so I just forgot about my goals and kept up with my newly adjusted meal plan and workout routine.

    One day, four months later, I dragged myself out of bed and hit the treadmill as usual at 5:15 am. In the mirror behind me, I saw a very elegant girl on another machine. She actually made me feel ashamed of my sleepy, sloppy self. She seemed very healthy, tall, lean, with dark shiny curls and a perfect figure. I thought to myself: "That's it! That is exactly what I wanna look like. I gotta tell my personal trainer about it so that he can help me look like that. It might take a long time, but I'll get there". A few moments later, however, I realized I had caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror! I literally tripped and fell off the treadmill. It was so weird!

    After I got home from work, I did something I hadn't done in ages: I checked out the results of my work in the mirror. I got exactly where I wanted in seven months. It was so much fun it didn't even feel like work .

    Anyway, I just wanted to post the results of the workout and meal plan listed below. Who knows, it might be useful to someone else. Now I gotta figure out a way to keep it up.

    Happy weightlifting!

    >>> Posted in September of 2006:

    Nickname: Muna
    Age: 30
    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: around 140 lbs
    Goal: Losing the fat I've gained in the past year and developing a tight body, while keeping my figure as feminine/delicate-looking as it is now. I really don't want any apparent muscles, especially on my arms. Jessica Alba is a good example of what I want to look like.

    Hi everyone!

    I've just joined a gym and I have no clue as to what I'm supposed to do. I've gained 20 lbs in the past two years, and I'd like to something about it. While I know I'm a very healthy person, I also know I'm not in my best shape and I'd like to change that. I've hired a very experienced personal trainer to help me develp a routine and a meal plan, but I'm still not sure I'm on the right track. One of the problems I've encountered is the fact that the four personal trainers I spoke to admire stronger-looking ladies (like Madonna, for instance) and that is how they envision me. They're also married to bodybuilders, which makes it harder for me to explain to them that I do not find that look attractive without offending anyone. While I understand and respect their opinions, I just don't wanna wind up looking like that. I'm very tall and naturally thin, and the look I'm after is very close to what I have now, just tighter. Some of the bodies I admire are Jessica Alba's, Isabeli Fontana's and Heidi Klum's.

    I was told to work out six days a week. I do 45 minutes of cardio and the ab-bench on Mon/ Wed/ Friday. On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays I lift weights and finish off with 30 mins. of cardio.

    My meal plan consists of eating every 3 hours, always making sure I get 30g of protein each time. I eliminated refined sugar and fruits. As for my carb intake, I rely on oats, potatoes, vegetables and legumes.

    *I'd also like to add that it is very hard for me to eat all the food on my meal plan. I've been force-feeding myself for the past week, and I feel nautious most the time. I hate eggs and I'm not a big fan of meat either ... I also love milk and cheese, but my trainer told me to avoid dairy all together it because it'll give me a soft-pumped look*

    Thanks in advance,

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    munablue I guess welcome back to IM!

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