I posted a few weeks ago how my school is having a strength competition. I was suggested to train WSB. Well that has done wonderfully, in maybe a month or so, I have put on a lot of strength in my deadlift.

I have read the rules of the competition and they will be using the Wilks formula to determine the "best" award. Before I knew of this I was using total/body weight to determine the best ratio. Using this method I was in front of a few of my challengers. Now using Wilks I am far behind.

I weigh 150 lbs, squat 405, dead 385, bench 310 my total is 1100 lbs
competitor A weighs 225 squats 560, dead 570, bench 405 his total is 1535

Using total divded by BW I have a ratio of 7.33 and he has a ratio of 6.82. I come out on top, now using the Wilks formula my number is 842, and his is 926. Now somehow based on this formula, which Im not sure how is computed or why, I am 44lbs out from him.

Can someone explain to me the purpose of the Wilks formula, how it works, and why?

btw, handy fact, guy weighing 550 squats 1200, and has a higher Wilks number than guy weighing 200 and squating 1000....... doesnt this formula calculate strength to weight.....